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General Manager Assistant

EREC Estates is recruiting a General Manager Assistant role for our company in China (mainly responsible for PPP projects). This role will be based in Shanghai. We launched a PPP fund in 2018 and have already signed an agreement with CRCC, CYTS (Property) and Yangzhou Municipal Government on the program of Yangzhou Jade Feature Town. With more and more PPP feature town projects, EREC fund will have a greater scale effect and brand impact in the field of PPP. The start date for this role will be September 2019.



As a General Manager Assistant, you will:


1. Provide a wide range of secretarial support to General Manager (e.g. typing, filing, travel & meeting schedule planning, expenses report preparation, etc.) and manage CEO's business calendar for business activity scheduling;

2. Draft/prepare memos, emails, meeting materials, presentations and other documentation;

3. Responsible for supervising the progress of all projects and supporting the GM in dealings with both internal and external communications;

4. Take charge of tasks related to company registrations, information changes, account cancellation etc.;

5. Handle the risk management of the company’s private equity; 

6. Receive clients and partners as well as coordinate meetings and events;

7. Coordinate and participate in the project-based work as requested.



The following Skills and Experience will be required:

1. Bachelor's degree obtained, study experience in the UK preferred;

2. Majors in Accounting and Finance, Investment/Asset Management and Project Management preferred;

3. Experience in professional documentation copywriting and management required;

4. Familiar with company industrial and commercial registration process;

5. Equipped with professional knowledge of funds, holder of fund qualification preferred;

6. A fast learner with patience and good attention to details;

7. Familiar with Microsoft Office software;

8. Good communication skill and fluent in English.



How to Apply:


Please send your latest Chinese and English CV, cover letter (in word/pdf) to following email title format of “Name + Major + University + GMA”.







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