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CYTS City PPP Scheme 


CYTS City is a Chinese Tourism Industry Investment & Full Service Chain Supply Group. In accordance with the need for the development of local governments, the company mainly focus on improving the scenic area, developing the tourism industry and investing in the distinctive towns by using the PPP model.


As the strategic shareholder of CYTS City, EREC Estates Ltd has introduced a large number of international resources and strategic investment partners for project development. What is more, EREC is encouraging the whole team to establish an international development path in the franchising of tourist attractions and the custody of cultural assets.




























Invested Project:

Jadeware Distinctive Town-Wantou Yangzhou


Yangzhou Phoenix Island Resort Area Investment Project

Yangzhou Qing Ma Che ZhAI Holiday Village Investment Project

Yangzhou China Railway CYTS design Real Estate Development Project

Yangzhou Bridge Wetland & PPP Distinctive Town Project

Dongtai Yellow Sea Forest Park & PPP Distinctive Town Project

Jiangxi Lichuan Ancient Town Tourism & PPP Distinctive Town Project

Chongqing Yongchuan Songgai Ancient Town & PPP Distinctive Town Project




Jadeware Distinctive Town-Wantou Yangzhou

The investment consortium formed by CYTS City and China Railway Construction Investment Group Co.LTD. became the developer of the PPP project of Jadeware Distinctive Town-Wantou Yangzhou with a total investment of 5.7 billion Chinese yuan. This ambitious project started construction work on December 16, 2017. In February 2018, it was listed as the national project by the China Ministry of finance.



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