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Residential Assistant


Job Description

A Residential Assistant plays an important role in the day to day running of the Accommodation, during and also outside normal office hours. This includes the safety, security and wellbeing of the residents.


To be considered for this position you must be a current resident at “the relevant” UNNIN Student Accommodation


Key Responsibilities

  • Greeting visitors and residents

  • Answer questions and provide helpful information to residents on request

  • Take delivery and distribution of parcels, completion of associated accommodation paperwork and distribution

  • Hand out keys and keep an accurate record of which keys are signed out to whom and when

  • Open doors for residents who have lost keys or been locked out and record the incident accordingly

  • Investigate Fire Alarm Activation (where safe to do so) in order to report findings to site management/emergency services (training provided)

  • Liaise with the management team, operations team and external services e.g. Emergency services etc.

  • Recording maintenance issues that have been reported and at times, you may be required to assess the problem and then notify the relevant contractor

  • Check the bin room to ensure that the waste has been collected on scheduled days and also that the bins are placed in the right positions

  • Remain vigilant when monitoring the CCTV cameras and reception area

  • Follow Reception/communal area shut down procedure in the event of an emergency evacuation such as fire alarm

  • If people are permitted to park in the car park record their contact information

  • Handover to the next duty staff briefing them on any issues (If applicable)

  • Keep a record in the incident book of any disciplinary, safety or security issues that need to be brought to the attention of the manager

  • Operate the company’s phone and respond to messages or phone calls on request.



  • You should be smartly dressed to give a professional appearance (please avoid wearing headphones)

  • Keep desk area tidy and presentable

  • Be vigilant and monitor the CCTV cameras, pay attention to who enters the building

  • Arrive for your shift at least five minutes early to receive your handover

  • Alcohol or non-prescription drugs will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal and this being reported to the authorities

  • Be within sight of the main desk at all times except when the reception/office is locked and the ‘back in five minutes’ sign is in place

  • Comfort breaks should be kept to an absolute minimum, going outside for a cigarette break while on duty is not permitted

  • If you are on-call duty, you are not allowed to leave the building unless alternative cover arrangements have been made.



The rate of pay will depend on the shift.

  • Regular shift: £6.15 to £8.21 per hour

  • Reactive call: £10.00 per incident

  • On-call duties: £25.00 per night (fixed rate)



Coventry, Sheffield, Newcastle 


Application process

Please send your CV and cover letter to the following email: and the subject should contain “Your Name + Property Name”.

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